1005350_1799123186895067_499555198_nHello everyone, my name is Soni Sull-Sandhu. I am born and raised in Surrey. I recently have quit my part time job, as a server, and got married to my husband in July. It has been one crazy year for me so I decided to take the summer semester off for my wedding and the fall 2012 semester off to go to India to do my wedding shopping. My husband owns his own construction company so my new “job” is taking care of his paper work, which I consider my part time job. After taking a semester off for my wedding, I now currently starting my third year of university and majoring in general studies. When I first enrolled into university I started off into the accounting program but did not like it at all. My hopes of becoming an accountant were long gone after my first semester. I took a whole bunch of classes and couldn’t decide what to major in specifically so I decided to major in general studies. I have always been interested in many things so general studies have been the best thing for myself. This way I am always learning different things in every class. My career goals are to become an elementary school teacher. After my degree is done I hope to enroll into the PDP program into Simon Fraser University and pursue my dreams of teaching. I had always wanted to work with children but my parents had first persuaded me to try out accounting. My interests in enrolling into this class was because I had taken sociology 1125 and found it to be interesting so I wanted to further my studies in sociology. I have always been curious into how society works. Also I have always been fascinated of how the sociology of media impacts us so much. It is interesting to know how the society’s knowledge is actually molded by the media. My interests are hanging out with my family, learning new things and long outdoor walks. Well I hope you enjoyed a little part of my lifeJ

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