chapter 8

Class-in-itself is class that has false consciousness and is a class that doesn’t really know its source of oppression. This class is somewhat alienated It is also a capitalist superstructure. It is a definition of class that refers to economic standards of a group in the society. There is no common collective awareness of class positioning. It is when the groups comprise the exploited group. An example of this would be slaves in the 19th century and how people are still suffering today because of the aftermath of the relationship between the “white and blacks”.

Class-for-itself is a class consciousness that will stand for itself and work for itself. An example of this would be employing in the capitalist class that are aware of their own interests.

Historical materialism is the understanding of how a society makes a living and produce their goods. An example of this would be the productions that are happening today. When the society produces products they produce enough for the means of the whole society.

Dialectic materialism are premises that state that because of history there will always be tension between the owning class and the producing class and the process in which change occurs is dialectal. 

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