The general principles of the enlightenment were somewhat of a movement in the early days. It was a time where the presence of reason was to dominant the religious teachings. There was a power for reason and that everyone should think rationally than to do what we are told by our Gods. The main premise was that “seeing is believing” (Quist-Adade, 2012, Lecture Notes P. 9). It was an era that was debunking the ways of Christian teachings and putting wrongs to kings being appointed by God and such things as that. The French philosophes “advocated critical thinking and practical knowledge and built on the natural sciences” (Quist-Adade, 2012, Lecture Notes p. 9). In this was resulted in challenges to the oppressors. It was an attach on three main things in their societies. It was an attack on political authority because it debunked the thinking that someone can be appointed by God rather thinking that there should be reason to why this person should be appointed. There was an attack on religion because of the teaching ways and there was an attack on social inequality.

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