closing entry

I have learned many things that I did not know in the past from this course. The most interesting concept was the enlightenment and the works of Jean Jacques Rousseau. The enlightenment was the “age of reason” and was brought upon for us to think rationally. This was a challenge to the religious teachings of that time because this theory was teaching people to think about what they see and how they feel about it rather than having someone else tell them how to think and feel about it.  It was a way to debunk many Christian teachings so therefore a challenge for them. I believe that it was very interesting to learn of how the practice of reason was brought upon us, since we do use these techniques in our everyday lives. I believe that this is probably one of the most used concepts that we use in our lives today. I was very intrigued with the quote of “man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains”. It got me to think that there are many restrictions that can eliminate our ability to think rationally and also our ability to increase our human potential. This is because we believe we are born free and have the ability to learn numerous things however, there are many barriers in front of us to learn most things, such as tuition fees and how not many people can afford it. This has made me question a lot of things that I have learned myself about many cultures and religions. I do believe that everyone should think with reason because it is the only way someone could increase their intellectual potential. This I believe because without any barriers it would be very easy to learn things however, when someone is taught at a young age to believe something and not to do something they will follow trough with it. This said it would be harder for that person taught religious teachings at a young age to think rationally because of the restraints that his or her religion might have. I also believe that this is hurting our human potential because it is creating a barrier for us to learn different things and disabling us to think out side of our religious ways and think rationally. Overall, I have learned many things in this class, which I will always think about. It has made me question many things and is very interesting to learn that many concepts that were created years and years ago still exist today, concepts that we use in our everyday lives. 

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