chapter 3 dialectic

What theme did the text raise?

How was the theme answered?

What are my thoughts and own experiences?

Why is the police force more aggressive in combating street crime than corporate crime?

-the power elite decides who to target

-makes corporate crime seem invisible while street crime dominants

-what is considered a problem is determined by the power elite

-by process of hegemony

-defined as “process of control and domination by the ruling elite through consensus of controlled/cominanted” (Quist-Adade, 2014, p.54)

-creates battle with the elite and non-elite for challenging power

-the power elite does always dominate.

-all we see in the news are more things like street crimes rather than the corporate crimes

-for example, we see in Africa that there are wars going on between countries however nothing is ever said about the African countries helping each other out.

-it is the power elite that wants to see the wars to lure viewers in rather than showing countries helping each other out

-it is the power elite such as media companies which dominant and limit us to what we see

-we never see the good side to these countries rather see the poverty and war going on

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