Debunking our previous thoughts

Chapter 1

Debunking (paraphrast)


“Debunking is defined as looking at both the obvious and surface-level explanations for social behavior and the less obvious and deeper explanations. The working definitions of the term can be put simply as: ‘what you see is not what you always get’ and ‘appearances are deceptive’. Going beyond the obvious or the façade requires the use of debunking strategy.


I believe that debunking is used when getting the real depth to a meaning of something. It is looking beyond the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and seeing what is underneath that makes it that way. In order to truly understand something we must debunk all previous misconceptions of that thing. For example, to truly understand Africa as a well-developed continent we must debunk all the previous notions we have about it. We must debunk the previous notions of poverty and starvation and look beyond that to see that there are counties with cities like Nairobi that do exist. Cities that have building like the ones here in Vancouver. We must debunk all the negative images media has put out about Africa to see it as a well-developed continent. 

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