social justice

Chapter 2

Social justice (Affective)


Social justice is the central idea of this course. As stated it is “the relative distribution of rights, opportunities and resources within a given society, and whether it deserves to be regarded as fair and just” (Quist-Adade, 2014, p.10). In other words it is when a society promotes equality and can diminish anything that promotes injustice. It diminishes things like race, gender, class, etc. I believe that this is a very important concept to learn about because it is a main factor in every society. An example in today’s society is when the United States is changing their laws for allowing same sex marriages. It is hard to believe that in todays society people are not allowed to do as they please and not getting their sense of justice. When promoting equal rights, all citizens of the country should approve these rights. When someone is not pleased with one decision, then it is simply not a social just society. If all members of that society are pleased with the laws then it is a just society for all. Therefore, I believe it is a good thing that many countries are changing laws to change this way of law and making it a better a fair place for people to feel equal.  

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