Allan Johnson: Priveledge, Power and Difference(Affective)

How I felt about this video was how true everything was about the dominant groups. As a women and being in a “subordinate” group, I can speak for living up to men. This video made me realize dominant groups tend to lead the way. Such as, the “white privileged conference”. This interview made me realize that how the dominant group tends to make the choices and have power over the rest. They are the elite society. It was interesting to hear from him that it is wronged in our society to let “white” people realize that they are “white”. It was stated that it is wronged for the subordinate group to hold up a mirror and make the “whites” realize that they are indeed white. It is a degradation of power to do so. This video made me realize that the subordinate groups cannot degrade the dominating groups. As women we need to obey to men and follow their path. It is up to the subordinate groups to take a stand against the dominant groups to make a difference in today’s society. 

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