Chimamanda Adichie: the danger of a single story (dialectic)

What question did the speaker raise?

How did the speaker answer the question?

How does the answer match my own ideas and experiences?

Chimamanda raised the question what happens to a person when they believe a single story?

-she answers this by giving her life experiences

-how she only believed that Edae, the house worker, could only be poor and nothing else

-when going to his house she realized how much they could do

-she also learned from studing in the US

-when questioned on how well she knew English she was amazed that people did not know that people from different parts of the world could indeed speak English


-my experience is with the images of Africa being taught throughout the media.

-I never realized how developed cities in Africa were

-I was amazed when Dr.Quist-Adade showed the class pictures of capital cities in Africa and how developed they really are

-I believed in one story, the story that the media had told about the poverty and children dying.

-this speech made me realize how we should no judge something by a single story rather judge something from our own experiences.


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