Nickel and Dimed (Paraphrast)

“one of the humbling things for me has been that there are no unskilled jobs all jobs take intelligence and skill and their hard”


I believe that this statement is quiet true. As being a pervious server I can relate to this video and know how it is to make hard earned money. People take many things for granted including the jobs that they work for. Being in the serving industry there are many people who treat you unfairly or don’t take you serious. What they do not realize is that every job is a job. Some jobs require more work than others. For example, people see serving as a degraded job rather than working at a bank as a teller. What most people do not realize is how hard these servers work. They are literally on their feet all the time running around taking care of customers. As are bank tellers. The only difference is, a bank teller is not running around both jobs require customer service however a serving job requires more work than others. People need to take things into consideration and look at things in a sympathetic way. In order to realize things, look at things from a different perspective and judge from that perspective. As Barbra realized that all jobs are skilled jobs is how society needs to see jobs.

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