The End.

The global sociological imagination is the “quality, capacity, and alertness of mind to link one’s life, decisions, actions, and indeed life chances locally to the myriad of decisions, actions, and indeed inactions of people in other parts of the world” (Quist-Adade, 2014, p. 45). When coming into this class I had no previous notions about any of the concepts learned and how the power of helping others can affect ones life. With our praxis project, we learn to act locally and think globally. With our fundraising we are accomplishing here, we as a class are able to help out many people around the world. It is the simple task of doing something. This “doing” is changing other people’s lives and giving them a helping hand. In this class, I have come to realize that it is crucial to act locally and think globally. This is because whatever we do here affects other parts of the world. Just as an example, when looking at the 9-11 attacks the entire world was on works for a stronger airport and border security system. This one event had impacted the whole world so drastically that it had changed laws. Just as another example is our praxis project. We as a group have decided to take all of our gatherings and help kids in Ghana do things that they may not have been able to do. It is our act here that is affecting internationally.

When I came into the class I thought of the world social justice. When thinking is this I always believed that some people are not treated as fairly as we are here in Canada. However, as the class progressed I have had thoughts of do the people that I think that are living in a unjust society think that they live in an unjust society? Do they think that we here in Canada live in an unjust society? This class has made me realize that maybe people in other countries do live in a just society however, it is not a just society in our eyes. With this we must be optimistic and welcome other society’s norms as acceptable and not just look at it from the tip of the ice berg but look at the whole society and see their happiness in what they feel is just.

This course in general has been an eye opening experience. Not only has it taught us many things that are key to our society but it has also taught us to help others around the world or just locally. It has made us realize that we can make a difference in the world just as we are doing with our praxis projects. With the funding we gather as a class we are helping others and changing their lives for the better. What it taught myself is that it is never too late to help make a small difference in the world. We are all our own leaders and it is in our power help people in need and change their lives.

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